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Bangs my way to oppa no more!

Tell an embarrassing story when you met your ultimate bias/oppa challenge.

Ultimate Oppa: Park Seo Joon
Date: November 2018
Event: Bibigo Fansign Event (read my blog/vlog about meeting Park Seo Joon here)

Embarrassing story: 

On the very day of fansign, I almost lost my bangs. It happened while I was preparing for the event. I am ironing it when I zoned out thinking of things to say to him, plus the fact that I can finally hold his hands and say what I want to say. Out of the blue, I noticed a strange smell, a burnt hair smell 😅 and then I realised that a hot hair iron was still in contact with my bangs, and you know what happened next, I saw hair falling down.

Omg. Will SeoJoon saw me with a burned bangs look? Hahaha.

Luckily, nagawan ng paraan. May natira pa akong bangs so sinide bangs ko nalang. Jusko.

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