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Meeting my Ultimate Oppa!

It was my first time attending a fansign event — of course, I attended concerts and fanmeets, but fansigns are different because you get a chance to talk to your idol one on one —you have all the chance to let him know that you exist.

For fangirls like us, talking to our idol, letting them know that we exist is an ultimate goal. And finally, I just did that last November 6, 2018. It was one of the best moments in my life.

In the past, I thought meeting a kdrama oppa in South Korea is easy — as easy as bumping against them on the street, but no. Seeing a kdrama oppa in person takes effort, well unless it is your lucky day. But if there is a will, there is a way.

There are different ways to join and see your idols in Korea.

  • If they have events, you can check on the internet if they hold a public event for fans outside the venue. You are lucky if they do, but if not, then you can just watch them on their fanmeet or event. Sometimes, fansigns are open to the public, you can actually see them but since you did not join the contest, you won’t have the chance to talk to them. So make sure to follow your kdrama oppa’s fansites so you will be updated.
  • You can also see them at airports, of course you need to know their schedule first. Again, you can get these details thru their fansites or you can research. But always make sure to bring your fangirl etiquette with you bes, remember to respect your idol’s privacy and personal space.
  • Here is an article about how to join kpop fansigns in Korea.

Just like kpop fansigns, normally, you need to buy a minimum amount worth of items from the brand the artist’s endorses, usually it is expensive, but nowadays, there are fansigns that only require applicants to purchase an affordable amount to qualify, sometimes, just like in my case, purchasing is not necessary.

You are all asking how? So I am going to share to you the steps that I did to join the fansign.

I joined a fansign event of Bibigo. It was one of the brands Park Seo Joon endorses. I am shocked at first because there was no mechanics that requires the applicants to buy anything, you just need to comment to qualify for the raffle. Most fansigns do not work like that, you need to buy — usually worth Php2,000-5,000 (sometimes more) to join the raffle, and of course, just like any other random draw, there is no assurance.

So I tried my luck and typed my heart’s content. I said it in korean and english. It was a tough battle, me against all his fans throughout the world. Only 80 lucky winners will be picked.

But God really is good. I almost fainted when I read this message. I don’t know what to do. I screamed out of excitement in the subway. Wala na pakels bes kung may koreans na napatingin, basta napasigaw talaga ako hahaha. I cannot believe my eyes. I checked it so many times.

They will require you to present an ID, you can show your passport. Also, you need to have a mobile number in korea. If you are going to apply for fansigns, it is safe to book a sim cardover pocket wifi so you will have a contact number in Korea. Or if you know someone who has a number in Korea, you can ask and borrow their number.

After giving your details, they will send you a mobile invitation. You will show this to the staff as a proof of winning the event.

I decided to personally hand him my letter and also bought a gift.

I went to the event early so I was given the front-row seat. The whole event lasted for more than an hour.

Up until now.. it felt so surreal!

If we really wish for it, malay nyo bes, it will happen someday. And just like our tagline, Feels lang ng feels hanggang yung feels natin dalhin tayo sa harap ni Oppa!

Here’s my vlog of the event:

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